Other Manuals

Other online reference sources prepared by the School of Government (not part of the Indigent Defense Manual Series) may be useful to indigent defenders. Click on the link that interests you to view the manual or resource.

Abuse, Neglect, Dependency, and Termination of Parental Rights Proceedings in North Carolina
Sara DePasquale & Jan S. Simmons, 2019
     This manual presents and explains the laws, procedures, concepts, and people related to abuse, neglect, dependency, and termination of parental rights proceedings in North Carolina. It is designed for district court judges, social services attorneys, parents’ attorneys, and guardian ad litem attorney advocates. It replaces the 2017 edition and is available for purchase as a soft-bound book here.

Chapter 3, Child Support in North Carolina Trial Judges' Bench Book, District Court, Volume 1, Family Law (2021 ed.)
Cheryl D. Howell & Jan S. Simmons, 2021
     The child support chapter from the North Carolina District Court Judges' Bench Book covers the different aspects of child support proceedings. The chapter is reproduced with persmission of the School of Government.

Relief from a Criminal Conviction
John Rubin, 2021
     This guide, recipient of the Margaret Taylor Writing Award from the School of Government, explains in one place the principal mechanisms available in North Carolina for obtaining relief from a criminal conviction, including expunctions, certificates of relief, and petitions to terminate sex offender registration and resotre firearm rights. The guide includes changes made by the General Assembly through the end of its 2020 legislative session.

Collateral Consequences Assessment Tool (C-CAT)    
Caitlin Little & John Rubin, 2020
    This resource centralizes, in a searchable format, the collateral consequences imposed under North Carolina law for a criminal conviction and helps attorneys, other professionals, and affected individuals advise people more accurately and completely about the impact of a conviction. C-CAT includes links to additional resources, including a guide to relief from a conviction and resources on sex offender registration requirements.

NC Superior Court Judges' Benchbook
Jessica Smith, ed.
     The benchbook addresses topics of interest to superior court judges, including criminal law, evidence, and general trial court procedure. The outlines are updated periodically and display the date of the last update.

NC Pro - Digital Knowledge Base on Criminal Law and Procedure for North Carolina Prosecutors
Shea Denning & Jonathan Holbrook
     This resource addresses criminal law topics of interest to prosecutors, including the following: pretrial, trial, sentencing, appeals & relief, juvenile prosecutions, expert testimony, evidence, and pattern jury instructions.